T-Mobile tees up 600MHz 5G launch with first commercial modem data session

While competitors focused their earliest 5G efforts on short-range millimeter wave hardware, T-Mobile steadfastly maintained that its strategy — blanket the U.S. with long-range 600MHz 5G coverage and then boost speeds with 2.5GHz and millimeter wave as needed — was a better approach to achieving truly nationwide 5G coverage. Today, the carrier took a major step toward that goal, as it announced successful completion of the world’s first low-band 5G data session on a commercial 5G modem. T-Mobile’s feat was accomplished in cooperation with Qualcomm, which supplied the Snapdragon X55 5G modem and handset radio tuning hardware, and Ericsson, which makes 5G tower radios with 600MHz support. In short, the companies demonstrated that the same Snapdragon modems that will be used in high-band (millimeter wave) and mid-band (“sub-6” or 2.5-3.5GHz) 5G devices can also be used for low-band (600-700MHz) 5G, enabling a single device to access 5G service across a very wide range of radio spectra.   full story

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